Expert Assessment, Diagnostics
and Treatment Pathway...
all in One 2 Hour Visit
Informed, expert advice
Our specialists help provide you with a definitive diagnosis
Saves you time
No need for multiple
trips – it's all completed
during one 2 hour visit
Saves you money
Self-funding options available
If you suffer from back pain and are looking for expert advice, there's no need to make numerous trips for consultations and scans. At Back in 2 Hours, during a two-hour visit you'll see a Consultant Spinal Surgeon for an assessment, have a MRI scan, discuss the results and leave with a treatment pathway as to how best to treat your condition. Once you leave, we'll help you source the most appropriate treatment.
What's included
  • Expert initial assessment from your Consultant Spinal Surgeon
  • MRI scan fully reported by your Consultant Neuro-Radiologist
  • Follow up consultation and opinion from your Consultant Spinal Surgeon
What you take home
  • Consultants report including your diagnosis and treatment pathway
  • Consultant Neuro-Radiologist report on your MRI Scan
  • MRI scan images
  • Follow-up service
What would have taken me 2 weeks to sort out has taken me only 2 hours… I am now booked in for surgery.
Mr D, London
Quick and easy to book…..great consultant who has given me great advice.
Mr V, Kent
Thanks, it's taken me months to find such a great service. It's amazing how you manage everything in one visit!
Mrs T, London